Magical Potion of Bulgaria (wine tour) 7 days- 6 nights

Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries with experience of wine producing.The origins of winegrowing in Thrace (modern day Bulgaria) date back so far in time that its roots are mythological: the cult of Dionysus (Bacchus for the Romans), the god of wine, ecstasy and freedom of the senses, originated in Thrace and was subsequently adopted in the Greek pantheon. Wine was therefore a central element in the life of Thracians, a divine drink through which they could reach ecstasy and communicate with the divine. They drank wine before going into war, to dance, to find inspiration and to enjoy freedom

7 days /6 nights НВ ;DBL – double room and lunch


Price for group of 15 tourist –price is per one person

Price 799€
7 days/6 nights НВ;DBL – double room and lunch

Price for group of 10-14 tourists per one person


Price 979€
7 days/6 nights НВ;DBL – double room and lunch

Price for group of 4-8 tourist per one  person


Price 1238 €
7 days/6 nights НВ;DBL – double room and lunch

Price for 12 tourist per one  person


Price 1790

What You Get

 Price include:

 Transfer from Sofia Airport to Plovdiv;

Accommodate in a hotel 4*-6 nights with HB;

Guide with english language;

Six tasting of Bulgarian wine;

One lunc;

Touristic program;



Day 1:

 Reception on Sofia Airport;

  Transfer to Plovdiv with a guide;

Accommodate at the hotel,free time and dinner;

Day 2:

 Breakfast in the hotel;

Visiting historical places in Plovdiv;

Free time for lunch;

Visiting winery house” Dragomir”;

Dinner at the hotel;

Free time;

About Winery Estate Dragomir

 The creation of Dragomir Winery estate comes from the dream of two Bulgarian enologists- Nataliq Gadjeva and Konstantin Stoev to change the perception of Bulgarian wines that are attractive, interesting, diversity in the tastes among the different brands and with a constant quality throughout the years.

 Visit the Winery Estate Dragomir website here

 Day 3:

 Breakfast in the hotel;

Travelling to Starosel-visiting cult sanctuary ”Starosel Tomb”

Visiting winery mention ”Starosel“, tasting wines and lunch in Starosel with popular Bulgarian food;

Travelling to Karlovo;

Visiting historical places in Karlovo;

Tasting wine in Chateau Copsa Complex;

Travelling to Plovdiv

Dinner at the hotel;

Free time;

Abaout Chateau Copsa Complex:

 The tradition in winegrowing and making wine in the Minkov`s family, stems from two generations.

Minko Minkov, father of the current owner of the winery and Chateau Copsa – Ivan Minkov was a longtime specialist in the production of wine and longtime head of the iconic in the past Winery “Valley of Roses”.

Inspired by family history and the charge of the Rose Valley, the family tradition continues to this day. Following the basic rule that good wine comes only from grapes from well grown vineyard, in 1998 the owner of Chateau Copsa – Minko Minkov began buying land for vineyards and unification of old vineyards and planting new ones. Built and equipped a base for wine in the town. Klisura, and in 2008 the winery owns Chateau Copsa, rising on a hill among the vineyards, where natural conditions underground cellar is aging. Chateau Copsa is unique Bulgarian family cellar where one is united in growing grapes in the vineyard areas, produced and bottled wine in their own wine cellar.

 Visit the Chateau Copsa Complex website here

 Day 4:

 Breakfast in the hotel;

Optionally:Visit to Asenova Fortress and Bachkovo Monastery.Additional charge for guides and transport.

 Day 5:

 Breakfast in the hotel;

Travelling to Panagurishte;

 Visting History Museum Panagyurishte.The museum complex , besides building  a historical museum , includes : 

Hall-vault of the Panagyurishte gold treasure;

separate exhibition hall for exhibitions , built in 1986

Dudekov’s house- architectural – historical monument of national importance , built in the middle of the XIX century;

Dzhunova house- by lying in her thematic exhibition ” Panagyurishte Goldsmith School ”

Blue Hadzhidimitrova house- by lying to her collection of donation ” Ivan Deyanov ”

White Hadzhidimitrova house in which is located the museum library

An integral part of the Historical Museum – Panagyurishte are : museum “Rayna Knyaginya” , Tuteva house , Lekova house , Drinovo house , Natural History Museum .

 The museum serves the Memorial complex ” Republic “, dedicated to the participants in the April Uprising of 1876, the historic area ” Oborishte

 Wine tasting in Rumelia cellar

One of the most valuable symbols of the town is the world known Panaguriste golden treasure – a unique monument of the ancient Thracian civilization. The Thracians were known as famous and crafty wine makers, a witness of which was Omir. We do appreciate the proven traditions of the past in the art and secrecy of wine making and combine it with modern equipment and technology in order to propose own style and distinguished character of our wines.

 The cellar had production area, underground barrel cellar, bottling line, laboratory, cozy testing area and unique atmosphere, where our guests can feel that wine manufacturing is an art, the wine – magic and the wines of Rumelia wine cellar – true delight.

 Travelling to Plovdiv;

Dinner at the hote;

Free time;

Day 6

 Breakfast in the hotel;

Travelling to Ustina Village;

Visit Ustina waterfall;

Visit the church” St.George”

Wine tasting in” Villa Yustina Winery”

About Villa Yustina boutique winery:

 Villa Yustina is situated on the outskirts of the Rhodope Mountain’s part with the name Yakata in the village of Ustina, 26km away from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The winery location is specifically chosen, because Plovdiv region is among thefew with a significant wine history. In this area, you can hear many tales about Thracians and their wine, ancient rites and mysteries. Herodotus described the local Thracians as warlike tribe with an independent spirit, that undertook the difficult task to be guardians of the sanctuary of Dionysus. It is believed that the ancient Thracian capital – Besapara was located near Ustina.

The beginning of vinegrowing and wine making in this area was set by the Thracians.They are also considered to be the best winemakers. People produced wine 5000 years ago on the Balkans, which is a proof that the Thracians were the first to transform grapes into wine. The firstvines were brought by them from the Middle East to what is now southern Bulgaria.

 Wine tasting in TODOROFF wine cellar.

About TODOROFF wine cellar:

 TODOROFF wine cellar was established in 1945 and was nationalized two years later. The descendents of the original owners received the cellar in the restitution process and Mr. Ivan Todoroff bought it from them in 2001. The refurbishing of the cellar was completed within a few months and the production of the first batch of wines started in the autumn of 2001.

 Visit the TODOROFF wine cellar website here

 Tasting of traditional wines,


Travellling to Plovdiv;

Dinner in the hotel;

Free time.

Day 6

 Breakfast in the hotel;

Тransfer to Sofia Airoprt;


Tasting wines in wineries and tours there are in English.

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